How it all comes together to get you to your weight loss and fitness goals

4. The workout

Since most of our clients are looking for weight loss, we've developed a proven method known as the "Metabolic Circuit".  This workout focuses on elevated heart rate training mixed with strength exercises that will burn maximum calories while toning the muscles and strengthening your core.  Our workouts and exercises are individualized based on any injuries or limiting conditions you have.  

3. Meal planning and preparation

During your first session of the week, over the span of your first 3 weeks of training, you and your trainer will plan and prepare your meals based on your daily caloric intake.  Your trainer will find your caloric intake using an equation that calculates your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). You and your trainer will then design a menu for the week and prepare those meals to get you started.  Your trainer will help you create a healthy grocery list and make sure you're keeping yourself accountable by having your meals prepared ahead of time and ensuring that your refrigerator, freezer and pantry are stocked with healthy foods and snacks.  We take the guessing out of proper nutrition.

5. expectations

During this journey, you'll meet with your trainer 3 days a week at times and dates that work around your schedule.  But that's not all.  Your trainer will design a weekly exercise program filled with activities and calorie burning goals that you'll do on the days your not scheduled to meet. Our expectations are very realistic for your weight loss.  The goal for most of our weight loss clients is to drop 1-2 pounds per week.  It may not seem like much, but think about how those numbers translate when you look 12-24 weeks in the future.  You and your trainer will stay in close contact throughout this journey by text messaging, emailing and phone calls to be sure you're staying on track.  Our goal is to take an attentive/hands-on approach to ensure your success.  We're with your every step of the way!  We're always looking for our next shining star; our next success story.  We'll do everything we can to get it.

2. your free appointment

Once you have your appointment set-up, we'll drive to your home or workplace on a day of your choosing at a time convenient for you.  We'll sit down and discuss your current exercise and eating patterns.  Then we'll listen and take note of your goals and barriers concerning weight loss and fitness.  Next, we'll take a series of  measurements including body fat percentage, BMI, multi-site circumferences, a strength test and an endurance test.  The assessment will take around 30-45 minutes depending on any questions you have.  Your trainer will then take you through a 15 minute express workout that will give you an idea of what your workouts will feel like. 

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